Dr. Tommie Riddick, Director

As the Director of Right Choices Program, I am excited and honored to be serving the Beaufort County School District community in such a transformative role. It is our belief that the purpose of the Right Choices Program is to provide assigned students an opportunity to restore themselves socially, emotionally and academically. At Right Choices Program, we have the responsibility and opportunity of ensuring that all students are provided an equal opportunity to make a commitment to get on track and work on personal goals and responsibilities. Together with the dedicated professionals serving students at Right Choices Program, we will work to address the needs of our students and future leaders.

Ms. Francina Dantzler, Assistant Director

I am honored to serve the students, staff and parents of Right Choices Program. My background in education began as the Director of Upward Bound, a program geared towards assisting low-wealth families and first-generation college students to become academically ready for education beyond high school. While serving in this role, I also worked with high school dropouts at Adult Education. Both positions were rewarding to me because I witnessed students improving their academic ability and using the new skills to pursue work and post-secondary dreams.

I have also served as a school counselor, an assistant principal at all academic levels and a high school principal. In each role, I dedicated my expertise into ensuring that students, teachers and staff were in an environment that was safe, secure, warm, and conducive to learning for all.

For additional information please reach out to the Instructional Services Department. Contact information can be found on our district's website.